Stainless Steel Serveware Set

Awasome Serveware Set

Serveware set – Although stainless steel serveware is hardy and holds up well to use, have it taken care to keep its high luster and nice finish. Stainless steel is not stainless, although it is more resistant to stains and discoloration than other types of metallic serveware. After basic care tips will keep your stainless steel serveware brilliant.

Wash stainless steel serveware set from other metal serveware silver, aluminum or silver plate. This prevents pitting corrosion in stainless steel from metals interact with each other. Do the same if you wash stainless steel in the dishwasher and not by hand. Use the Chinese setting on your dishwasher for stainless steel. Use separate cloths to wash and shine. Use a soft, clean cloth to polish stainless steel dinnerware. Add olive oil or other vegetable oils to the cloth to help polish out scratches and give the stainless steel radiant.

Do not use citrus or lemon detergent, soap or detergent to wash serveware set. Commercial cleaning products should indicate that they are safe for stainless steel finish. Test a small area that does not show first if you are concerned about possible damage from chemical cleaners. Do not use abrasive cleaners type or cleaning cloths such as steel wool or scratchy scouring pads. They can destroy the surface of your dinnerware.

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