Make Rounded Modern Desk Legs

Contemporary Modern Desk Legs

Modern desk legs – If you are a woodworker who makes furniture, you will make rounded modern desk legs eventually. Carving rounded table legs become faster, easier and more effective when using a lathe. Once you are familiar with a lathe, you can chop anything from simple to ornate patterns as your experience grows. Gain experience over time using the tools and become familiar with the lathe.

Install rounded modern desk legs, set the wood stock at the end. Mark a diagonal line between opposing corners on the top end of the stock with a pencil and straight edge. Mark another diagonal line between the other opposite corners on the same end. Flip the wood over and repeat the process to this end. Run a hole at the intersection of the two lines with an awl and hammer. Do this for both ends. This is the mounting hole of the drive center of the lathe.

Tap on the drive center into the hole on one end of the stick. Determine how much space is left square on the modern desk legs at the top. This space is called the kappa. Use a square measure and pencil to mark the axis, or the end of the pommel. Plot line across each side of the bearing. Draw the intended design on a board as a template. Place the template on the tool rest. Mark your stock with the intended design using the template. Apply a fine mill file to the ends of your calipers. Sand the ends with 220-grit sandpaper. This gives a more accurate part with calipers.

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