How To Decor With Antique Secretary Desk

Antique Secretary Desk Small Roll Top

Antique Secretary Desk – The desks and old desks are wooden furniture designed for the study area and have a very classic look and impressive. They are ideal for those who want to convey certain majesty of the environment but also a great formality and pomp. The oldest classic models were not too special, in fact they were only designed to perform the function for which they were generated, but in a short time, thanks to the various artistic currents, antique secretary desk have been decorated with unique handmade patterns and handles classic design and decor.

How to decorate the office? Today especially it aims to functional solutions, clean and modern. Yet in antiquity, from the Renaissance onward, the desks had a much more particular aspect. The antique secretary desk, in fact, was made only of wood, lacquered or left simply to live and was handmade by skilled craftsmen. Before that time the need for a support on which writing was quite poor because most people were illiterate and who was not made do as he could. Instead, in ‘500, thanks to the great rediscovery of the classics and literature, the need has definitely been felt. Here come the most beautiful models, decorated with expert decorators.

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